White Paper


Crypto King is a clothing brand specifically tailored for the crypto currency enthusiast. Crypto currency will have an unprecedented impact on the world—and it’s our job to give that movement the clothing and style it deserves. As the world evolves and embraces crypto currency, Crypto King will be a clothing brand that serves crypto enthusiasts like no other.


A “transaction” is simple: any transfer of communication, information, or value between two or more parties. Because we value all of our transactions, both online and physically, this is our promise to you: we do not keep any payment information on file.

The crypto currency movement is largely about privacy—and we get that. That’s why we’re here with you.

We do offer the community the ability to purchase our products in BitCoin, and are currently working to expand to other digital currencies.


Once the last T-shirt is converted from our manufacturing facility, the SKU is permanently discontinued. This ensures that the value of each tee, in superior condition, remains completely in tact. If you believe in crypto currencies and their expanding role in our economy, know there is also value the original, quality piece you receive from Crypto King.


We’re here for you: the crypto currency lovers of the world. And it’s our job to provide you with fun, creative products made with quality materials. These should represent who you are and the principles we share, and we’ll continually dedicate our product quality to display that fact.

Simplified Understanding

We’re in the early stages of the digital currency birth. It is more than a movement—it is a phenomenon. As a consequence, we’re always looking for new, fun, and creative ways of supporting the community and even help building a culture that understands the values of crypto currency.


We hold your privacy in the highest regard. We’re talking about crypto currency, after all. That’s why we don’t keep your payment information on file. We do keep your contact information so we can contact you with information regarding your order—as well as special offers and other crypto news. But we promise we will not ever sell your information or spam your inbox.


We fully expect the crypto community will grow exponentially over the next decade. We are on the ground floor of something big, and we’re 100% committed to the crypto cause and seeing our subculture become a part of the culture at large.


If you have anything to add to the community, don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas, comments, and suggestions. We want to engage with crypto enthusiasts and be the brand that speaks out for you.


We propose a new way of looking at crypto currency: not as a small “side” issue or as a tiny subculture. But as a growing movement toward privacy and freedom that gives people more options for how they transact on a daily basis.

Our brand is here because crypto currency is more than just an idea. For many, it’s an important way of living in the digital age. And we’re here to support that.